VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit - 1 Kit

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VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit

Features of VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit :

This specially prepared VLCC Skin Tightening Facial kit is based on age old Ayurvedic recipes which have been developed for specific treatment by using latest scientific production techniques. 

This Kit contains 5 sachets each of Indian Berberry Face Scrub, Lime Massage Gel, Wheat Skin Tightening Cream, Geranium Face Pack, plus one vial of Vitalift. Use one sachet of each product and a few drops of Vitalift in the Lime massage gel for a single facial.

1. Lime Massage Gel :
The natural fruit extracts of Pomegranate and Lemon, make this gel the ideal age reversal formula. It penetrates deep, delivering nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants to the innermost layers of the skin while hydrating it and maintaining its softness.

2. Indian Berberry Face Scrub :
This remarkable product exfoliates and rejuvenates, porcelains and retexturises, cleans and refreshes the skin. Date extract and papaya deep cleanses and moisturises the skin.

3. Wheat Skin Tightening Cream :
This natural rich anti-wrinkle, nourishing cream checks pre-mature ageing of skin. Regular use helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and preserve the elasticity of skin. It makes the skin appear fresh, clear and more youthful.

4. Geranium Face Pack:
A Blend of ayurvedic powders with Geranium and Almond, this pack has powderful reaffirming, tightening and lifting actions. Regular use gives the skin lasting firmness and resilience, leaving your face looking much younger and radiant.

Method of use of VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit :
1) VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub
Clean the skin with suitable cleanser. Take appropriate amount of scrub and apply evenly on skin. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then massage gently with wet fingertips. Wipe-off with moist cotton.

2) VLCC Lime Massage Gel
Add 3-4 drops of VLCC Vitalift in Lime Massage Gel. Massage gently in circular and upward strokes for 10-15 minutes. Re-apply and give ultrasonic if available, or else proceed to next phase.

3) VLCC Wheat Skin Tightening Cream
Apply cream generously on clean skin and massage in gentle strokes using upward & downward strokes for 10 minutes. Wipe off excess cream with moist cotton.

4) Geranium Face Pack
Add appropriate quantity of the powder pack and water in a bowl and mix well till it transforms into a smooth paste. Evenly apply on face and neck. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe-off and apply a small amount of VLCC Moisturiser to complete the treatment.

Results of VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit:
This treatment will improve your skin’s natural self-cleaning functions that include circulation and elimination of toxins. It will remove dry and dead surface cells to encourage more rapid cell turnover. Your skin will be moisturized, soft and will have lesser fine lines and wrinkles. It will be more elastic and firm.

Important Information of VLCC Skin Tightening Facial Kit:

Treatment Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Frequency: (6 sessions once in 15 days)
Results of treatment may vary from person to person.
Helpful Tips :

Use a proper sunscreen when exposed to the Sun. Stay from both active passive smoking. Get proper sleep. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and food that contain antioxidant vitamins that prevent cell breakdown.