VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach

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VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach

Directions for use of VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach:
VLCC Insta Glow 02 Bleach makes skin look fairer, radiant & healthy in about 15 minutes. It bleaches racial hair to match the skin tone. Due to release of nascent oxygen this bleach has an unique gas flushing action. Which thoroughly cleanses the skin, unclogs the clogged pores. Pre-Bleach Cream conditions skin and protects it against irritation caused by bleaching. The relaxing floral aroma of the bleach cream makes bleaching pleasurable experience. This mild bleach can be used on sensitive skin. (For Single Application).

Wash Area to be bleached with soap and cool water. pat dry. Apply 02 insta Glow Pre-Bleach Cream and massage gently till it gets absorbed. Mix the Bleach Cream and the Activator Powder in the ratio of 7:1 with the help of a spatula till the powder gets completely dissolved. (Use 1 spoonful of bleach Cream with half the quantity of Activator pack for Singlw application) Apply the mixture on the area to be bleached using a spatula. Make sure that hair is completely covered. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes Allow application to remain for the suggested time given under "Recommended Time". If hair is not lightened as much as desired, re-apply remaining mixture and leave on for 5 more minutes. Remove cream from hair and skin with cool water rinse. Pat Dry.

Recommended time:

Darker Skin Tone : Upto 10 minutes
Wheatish Skin Tone : Upon 15 minutes
Fair Skin Tone : At least 15 minutes or more.
Warnings of VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach:

Do not apply on inflamed, chapped, irritated skin.
Never apply bleach near the eyes. If mixture does get inti eyes, rinse at once with water.
Never use bleach after a hot bath. Open pores increase sensitivity.
Never use metal dishes or applicators with cream bleach.
Never mix the bleaching cream and activator until you're ready to start treatment. Do not save mixed bleach for re-use.
Do not use soap for 5 hours after bleach.
Avoid goinginti sunlight immediately, for better result apply in the evening.
Mild irritation is natural during bleaching.
For best results use of VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach:
The exact time required for bleaching will depend on the skin type, it can be fixed with personal experience.

Caution of VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach: 
Patch Test : For patch test prepare a small application as per Direction for Use, and apply it on the e!bow.If excess irritation occurs, then you are allergic to the product. Kindly do not use it.

Key Ingredients of VLCC 02 Insta Glow Bleach:
Bleach Cream : Hydrogen Peroxide, Polyquaternium Compound. Powder Activator : Persulphates. Pre Bleach Cream : Glycerin, Silcon Blend, Allantoin, Acetyl Tetrapeptide.