Vichy Dercos Treatment Shampoo Anti-Dandruff - Balancing (Normal To Greasy Hair) - 200ml

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Vichy Dercos Treatment Shampoo Anti-Dandruff - Balancing (Normal To Greasy Hair)

Anti Pelliculaire - Anti Dandruff - Shampooing Traitant

- Eliminates dandruff and itchiness.
- Eliminates the fungal microorganism responsible for dandruff
- Removes dead cells to cleanse the scalp.

Skin Type: Oily
Product Concern: 
For men and women with oily hair who want to eliminate dandruff and itchy scalp.


Selenium Disulfide, a powerful natural active ingredient, recognised clinically for its efficacy by dermatologists, attacks and eliminates even the most persistent dandruff.
Cohesyl acts like a glue to bond scalp cells and thus prevent dandruff. 
The scalp is returned to its full health: dandruff is eliminated and flakiness regulated.
- Acts on persistent dandruff from the 1st application.
- Continues to work up to 6 weeks after treatment.
- Reduced itching from the 1st application. 
Your scalp is returned to its full health: immediately dandruff-free and long-lasting regulation.


For optimal results, Laboratoires Vichy have developed 3 PARABEN-FREE formulas adapted to all hair types: 
- Enriched with ceramides to nourish dry hair.
- Light silicone formula for oily, lighter hair.
- Enriched in Vitamin PP to combat hair loss.


Its Mint Leaf scent gives you a sensation of freshness each time you use it. 
More than a treatment shampoo, it makes your hair soft, manageable and shiny.


- Elimination of visible dandruff after the 1st application.
- Anti-recurrence up to 4 weeks after treatment.
- Itching reduced after the 1st application
- After 4 weeks treatment hair feels healthy soft and shiny.

Ingredients of Dercos Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo Dual Efficacy

Patented Double Action - A genuine cellular anchorage cement.

Selenium DS ( 1% ) -Mineral in origin, Selenium Disulphide, a superpowerful anti-dandruff active ingredient recognized in hair dermatology for its effectiveness, targets and breaks down even the most stubborn dandruff.

Cohesyl-Is a ceramide participating in the cellular repairof the scalp. The scalp is restored.Dandruff does not return.

How to use Vichy Dercos Treatment Shampoo Anti Dandruff Balancing

For first 2 months, to be used two to three times per week. After that,continue using once in 15 days as maintenance. Apply on the scalp, massage throughly, rinse off.