Vichy Ideal White Eyes Deep Whitening Eye Care Illuminating Concentrate - 15ml

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Vichy Ideal White Eyes Deep Whitening Illuminating Concentrate

Anti-dark circle whitening corrective eye care. The range employs metabolic whitening with powerful active ingredients that work in harmony with each other to give Asian women the three dimensional fairness that they strive for - flawless, luminous and radiant skin.

The exclusive combination of Ceramide White and Vitamin B4 and caffeine in a new-generation whitening skincare solution. Thanks to caffeine and Vitamin B, which stimulate microcirculation, the eye area immediately recovers its radiance and dark circles become less visible. Within 4 weeks, the action of Ceramide White – which checks and inhibits the cellular production of melanin – reduces the size and intensity of pigmentation marks.


At long term, with the new Meta Whitening essence

Skin tone color is rebalanced: less yellowish, more pinky and transparent.

The correction on spots is really visible

-14 % on number of dark spot

-5% of surface of spots

With 2 weeks of remanence

Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-free, Tested on Asian skin. Paraben-free.

Light, fresh texture that penetrates rapidly and leaves skin supple and hydrated.

Dark circles immediately become less visible: -13.5%

The size and intensity of dark spots are reduced.

How to use Vichy Ideal White Eyes Deep Whitening Illuminating Concentrate

Apply morning and/or evening before Bi WHITE Essence.

Apply the cream around the eye area in a circular movement.