Vichy Ideal White Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion

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Vichy Ideal White Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion

Double Corrective Whitening Emulsion. The range employs metabolic whitening with powerful active ingredients that work in harmony with each other to give Asian women the three dimensional fairness that they strive for - flawless, luminous and radiant skin.

Immediately, skin is moisturized, it seems more even, fresher, more transparent and brighter

Immediate glow and whitening effect thanks to pink pearlescent agents. The skin is matt and smooth.

- Tolerance
- Hypoallergenic.
- Tested on sensitive skin.
- Paraben-free.
- An immediately even and bright complexion.
- Highly effective against dark spots.
- 24-hour hydration.


Phe-Resorcinol: The whitening active ingredient with Ellagic Acid, LHA and Adenosin to propose the maximum of efficiency on the 3 melanin flows:
- Inhibit melanin production flow: with Phe-Resorcinal, Ellagic Acid and Adenosin to avoid melanocytes early-stimulation and block melanin at birth.
- Boost melanin diffusion flow: with Ellagic Acid and Adenosin
- Stimulate expelling flow: with LHA to boost the skin regeneration process in order to both accelerate the expelling flow of dead cells loaded with melanin and renew skin texture.

How to use Vichy Ideal White Deep Corrective Whitening Emulsion

Apply morning and/or evening during your whitening skincare routine.