Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On Anti-Bag Fortifying Hydrogel - 15ml

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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On Anti-Bag Fortifying Hydrogel

Fortifying hydrogel for under-eye bags and dark circles.

Skin Type : Normal

Soothing and fortifying Vichy Thermal Spa Water is combined with Dextran (which relieves puffiness) and Escine (which reactivates microcirculation) to smooth dehydration lines, remove puffiness and reduce dark circles. 

The freshness of the hydro-frosted texture combined with the massaging effect of the metal roller instantly refreshes, deflates and invigorates the eye contour. 

Rested, your eyes will wake up. 

Hypoallergenic formula has been tested on 100% sensitive skin under ophthalmological control. Fragrance-free.

The formula contains concentrated Aquabioryl, a multi-sensory active ingredient that gives a sensation of comfort, softness and soothing during and after use.

Reduces bags and dark circles, provides skin with the moisture it needs deep inside.

Product Concern : For all women with dark circles around the eyes, dehydrated eyes, and dehydration lines.

Results after using Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On Anti-Bag Fortifying Hydrogel :

Dehydration lines are smoothed

Bags appear deflated (Less 80% in 1hr)

Dark circles are toned down

Fresh & radiant, the area around the eyes is no longer swollen, eye contour skin is as fresh as skin at the peak of health.

Texture :

Its fresh hydrogel texture contains 80% of water and is ultra-absorbable with no greasy effect. It soothes the skin immediately and leaves it feeling fresh and radiant as a result of the light-reflecting liquid crystals it contains.

How to use Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On Anti-Bag Fortifying Hydrogel

Massaging the eye area in circular motion from the inside of the eye contour out has great effects on de-puffiness and cutaneous microcirculation. The roll-on improves accuracy in targeting and massaging the eye area.