Varco Leg Care Topical Phyto Oil - 60ml

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 A significant reduction in varicose vein & spider veins.
 Informed skin condition.
 Relief of general fatigue and night cramps.
 Reduced leg discomfort. 

Varco Leg Topical Phyto Oil Used For

 Varicose Veins
 Spider Veins.
 Tired, aching legs.
 Variosities during pregnancy. 
 Helps prevent recurrence of venous ulceration. 
 Ankle, leg and foot swelling. 

Direction for use:

Pat teh oil from the groin region till the Varicose Vein affected region (bluish veins on thigh region). Then well circulate the oil in clockwise direction from the groin to the entire affected area till the oil is well absorbed. Apply 3 times a day for fast result. Refer to the manual inside for fufther details.