Medisynth Homeopathy Diabekoll Syrup 450ml

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Benefits of Diabekoll Syrup

An effective homoeopathic treatment for Holistic Management of Diabetes. The combination of homoeopathic ingredients in Diabekoll, act effectively in NIDDM & considered an effective adjuvant in IDDM. It helps in decreasing Blood Sugar & Urine Sugar level and prevents complications associated with DM like BP, CVS, Eye & Renal Disorders. It can be used as adjuvants with OHA's and with Constitutional Homoeopathic Treatment, helpful in restoration, regeneration & rejuvenation of pancreatic β cells. A better Alternative for control of High Blood Sugar Level. The proven combination developed through decades of clinical Experience. Effectively controls blood sugar level and related complaints & prevents further complications.


Syzygium jambolanum 0, Gylvestre 0, Abroma Augusta 0, Cephalandra Indica 0, Acidum Phosphoricum 0.


Adults : 1 teaspoonful (5ml) two times a day or as precribed by the physician. Contraindications : None Known