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Ulset - An Ayurvedic Medicine

Indication :

Hyper Acidity, peptic ulcers, gas troubles, indigestion, vomitings, amoebiasis, acidity.

Ulset gives perfect cure for ulser without surgery.
Apart from Cancer. Peptic Ulcer. Deodinol ulcer. hyper acidity, Gas,etc., can be completely cured by ulset.
2ml of ulset with 30ml. boiled and cooled water 3 times daily after food gives good results.
Things to be avoided Potatoes, Spicy food, Alcohol, Chicken, Eggs, etc. Things to reduce - Coffee, Tea, Smoking.
If you are feeling tired while taking the medicine, take lime juice with sugar or tender coconut water.
Some of the patients will feel buring sensation and pain while taking ulset, this is a sign of healing. The does of the ulset can be reduced in this solution. But any case the medicine should not be stopped. The medicine should be taken 3months continuesly.
Only incase the medicine has to be continued beyond 3 months.

The important ingredients to be noted in ULSET are navagasagara sudhi, kanjiram, aswagandha, irattimadhuram, honey etc. 

This medicine contains active principles like brucine, strychnine which helps in healing the ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers (like hpylori). Navasagara is an excellent antacid available naturally, which helps to cure the 
Symptoms due to acidity like chest burn, sour eructation, belching etc. An alkaloid called somniferon found in ashwagandha along with other medicines like irattimadhuram which contain glycyrrhizin which has a soothing action on ulcers, decreases the irritability of the nerves and prevent over secretion of the glands. Drugs like pippali, sunthi (chukku),ela etc are well known carminatives. This medicine also has some antiseptic action due to the presence of drugs like kattarvazha . Honey is another important product which improves peristalsis, improves appitite and digestion.


2ml with 30ml of boiled cooled water or as directed by the physician.

Each 100ml is prepared out of:

Holarrhena antidysenterica 7gm
Adhatoda vasika 7gm
Elettaria cardamomum 7gm
Sizygium aromaticum 7gm
Zingiber officinale 7gm
Piper nigrum 7gm
Piper longum 7gm
Sal ammoniac 50mg
Glycyrriza glabra 7gm
Aloe vera 7gm
Azadirachta indica 7gm
Withania somnifera 4gm
Terminalia arjuna 4gm
Piper cubeba 4gm
Strychnos nuxvomica 4gm
Honey 10ml
Jaggery (Molasses mellaceum) 30gm.