Shankar Pharmacy Amrita Bindu for Acidity & Indigestion - 90ml

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Shankar Pharmacy Amrita Bindu

Ayurvedic Medicine

This medicine contains active principles like brucine, strychnine which helps in healing the ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers (like hpylori) . Navasaara is an excellent antacid available naturally, which helps to cure the symptoms due to acidity like chest burn, sour eructation, belching etc. An alkaloid called somniferon found in ashwagandha along with other medicines like karkatasringi decreases the irritability of the nerves and prevent over secretion of the glands. Drugs like pippali ,sunthi(chukku),ela etc are well known carminatives. This medicine also has some antiseptic action due to the presence of drugs like kadaladi . 

Natural Protection for Gas troubles, Indigestion, Acid Peptic Diseases, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers
Amrita Bindu treats Stomach Related Problems and helps healing Ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers.

Amrita Bindu a purely Ayurvedic Medicine for stomach related problems. Hyperacidity, Gastric Ulcer, Peptic Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, Flatulence, Burning Sensation of chest, Vomiting Sensation, Indigestion all these can be cured without any side effects. Amrita Bindu is a perfect cure for ulcer without surgery.

A safe ayurvedic medicine for ulcer (gastric and duodenal), acidity, gastritis,Other APD’s, ulcerative colitis and amoebiasis. We have many cured cases of ulcerative colitis and amoebiasis.

How Amritha Bindu acts?

Amrita Bindu creates a protective coating in the gastrointestinal tract and the ulcer slowly heals. Also it acts as a stimulant and improve the secretion of pancreatic juices & enzymes which helps to improve the chronic conditions like ulcerative colitis, amoebiasis and even surgical interventions can be avoided.

Indications for use of Shankar Amrita Bindu :

Hyper Acidity, Peptic Ulcer, Gas Trouble, Indigestion, Vomiting, Amoebiasis, Ulcerative Colitis

Direction for use of Amrita Bindu:

Take 2ml of Amrita Bindu with 30ml boiled and cooled water, 3 times daily after food.

Things to be avoided:

Potatoes, Spicy Food, Alcohol, Chicken, Chicken Eggs etc. Also reduce coffee, tea and smoking & bakery foods prepared using yeast.

Each 100ml of Shankar Pharmacy Amrita Bindu is prepared out of

Zingiber officinale    3.7gm
Piper longum    3.7gm
Azadirachta Indica    3.7gm
Achyranthes aspera    3.7gm
Elettaria cardamomum    3.7gm
Cinnamomum zeylanicum    3.7gm
Piper nigrum    3.7gm
Cassia fistula    3.7gm
Withania somnifera    3.7gm
Apium graveolens    3.7gm
Asparagus racemosus    3.7gm
Pistacia integerrima    3.7gm
Strychnos nuxvomica    3.7gm
Sugar    30gm
Navasara sudhi    50mg
Chapala    10mg
Karpoora    100mg
Honey    10ml