Rasasi Chastity for Men - 100ml

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Rasasi Chastity for Men

Eau De Toilette

CHASTITY for Men, by RASASI Masculine Eau de Parfum


What does it take to make a man irresistible? To make him stand out in a crowd?
To acquire the special aura that can draw eyes to him and to him alone? 
Discover the four magic keys to Male Charisma with Rasasi's "Chastity". A man's appearance is defined by his Clothes Sense. Impeccable dressing, whether formal or casual, is the first key to irresistibility. Let your choice of colours and fabric speak for you. Let your accessories complement your style. Keep up with the fashion of the day, but also venture out to set new trends for others to follow. Perfume-one of the essentials of physical appeal --- never to be compromised upon. Select the best with Rasasi's perfume par excellence-"Chastity"! Let the Tangerine from Brazil and Lime from Haiti envelop you in an aura of Suave Masculinity. 


Fragrance description:-


Top notes: Invigorating burst of Brazilian Tangerine and Haitian Lime



Middle notes: Spicy accord of from the finest pepper from Madagascar



Bottom note: Indonesian Patchouli and Musk