Rasasi Royale Perfume for Men - 75ml

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Rasasi Royale for Men

Eau De Toilette


Finding the right partner is the first step to a special relationship. Royale for Men. a fragrance for an absolute imperial & majestic life. Identified & recognized by a dignified woman possessing a strong personality. This vibrant fragrance is built around an harmony of aromatic and woody notes, enriched by the sensual touch of amber. The fragrance for a man who wants to take advantage of life and live his way.

ROYALE for Men, by RASASI Masculine Eau De Toilette

Fragrance Trend: AROMATIC / WOODY / MUSKY Royale is the new prince charming from the Rasasi stable. Success of the Classic Royale Princess prompted the search for a match for her. In the pursuit of a Royale match no stone was left unturned. After all it was a Royal match. A fresh aromatic with woody touches. The accord finishes with a musky note. Royale works with your body's natural chemistry to create a sensual scent. Royal is powerful and persuasive, a clean long lasting scent that lets you be you. The fragrance lasts and lasts. A clear flint glass bottle, softly curved shoulder contour in silver finish with a translucent cap, which sits like a crown. A textured outer chamber with silver motif, takes one to the ancient era of regality. Draped in soft muslin like attire, Royal for Men announces its arrival.

Fragrance Notes description:-

Top notes: Geranium, lavandin

Middle notes: cinnamon, cedarwood

Bottom note: Patchouli, amber, moss