Organic India Bowelcare Capsule - Bel, Chandrashoor, Isabgol - Antiviral - 2 bottles

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Benefits of Organic India Bowelcare

RELIEVES: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, Indigestion, dyspepsia and hyperacidity.
IMPROVES: Nutritional absorption and assismilation Intestinal transit, Elimination of stool without development of addiction.
USEFUL IN: Esophagitis, gastritis, GI ulcers, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, colitis Chronic diarrhea, chronic giardiasis, amoebic and bacterial dysentery.

Each vegetarian capsule of Bowelcare contains :-

Bel (Aegle marmelos) - 300 mg

Balances excess mucus secretion
Anti – inflammatory, anthelmintic, antiviral
Anti – diarrhea, anti – dysentery
Reduces colic
Inhibits microbial overgrowth in intestines, especially Salmonella, Shigella and Fungi

Chandrashoor (Lepidium Sativum) – 50 mg

Reduces tenesmus
Anti – ulcer
Lubricates and soothes the bowel.

Isabgol (Plantago ovate) - 25 mg

Forms mucilage in the GI tract
Protects mucosal lining of GI tract
Useful in ulcers and inflammation
Absorbs toxins and supports healthy peristalsis
Facilitates elimination of stool.

Dosage of Organic India Bowelcare Capsules :

1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use.
Advanced dosage 2 capsules thrice daily with meals.