Organic Harvest Activ Luminosity Anti Pigmentation Serum - 30ml

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Organic Harvest Activ Luminosity Anti Pigmentation Serum with Natural Plant Derived Active

A gentle serum that quickly penetrates into the skin. It is blended with natural plant derived actives which quickly fades pigmentation and provide clearer, brighter, even toned skin and blemishes free skin.

Melanin is a UV Shield that protects cell structures and Scavenges free radicals against UV rays and pigmented blemishes.

About Organic Harvest
Take a moment and think about all the amazing things plants can do Organic Harvest puts the power of plants in all its products. We have developed a range of high-performance products, combining the power of plants with Organic and Natural Ingredients.

Key ingredients: Beet Root Extract, Organic Daisy Flower Extract, White Mulberry Extract, Red Guave Extract and Perfume.