Magic Henna Care Natural Hair Colors Natural Black 15g x 10Sachets - 150g)

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Magic Fruit Extract Range - Henna Natural Hair Color

A blend of finest of essential oils with exquisite, handpicked henna leaves, to offer an unmatched mix of color coverage. Most of teh prevailing hair color in the markket contain 100% chemicals, which may cause harm to the hair and skin. However, this 5000 year year old legacy. Henna has been nurtured with the cooling peppermint oil ad dandruff reducing tea tree oil that gives you naturally colored hair without damaging the hair with hair color chemicals. These colors are 100% Ammonia FREE.


Directions for Use:

Take one sachet of henna color and mix 50CC water in it. Make the paste thick enough to apply smoothly on the hair. It should not keep dripping . Apply the paste on hair with a brush and comb the hair after 5 minutes to evenly spread teh color and make it reach teh roots. If greyness is observed is certain areas, apply extra paste there. Leaves teh henna on hair for 30 minutes and then aply mild hair shampoo. You may also just wash it with water and later, shampoo after a couple of days.