More On Hair Fall Control Oil 100 ml

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Enriched with Indigofera & Cynodon leaf

More on hair fall control oil is made of mother natures finest herbs and unique ayurveic treatments, more on hair control oil is unparalleled in its effectiveness as a potent solution for hair fall prevention.

More on hair fall control oil helps in invigorating hair growth and revitalizing it by giving the follicles and roots all the essential nutrients through natural ingredients like indigofera. Eclipta, Cynodon leaf extracts and other rejuvenating herbs which are prosessed in high quality extracts of mango seed, coconut oil and coconut milk, more on hair fall control oil is constituted by these specific herbs and natural elements, thus bringing to you an Authentic Ayurvedic solution for total hair care.

More on hair fall control oil formula acts in a number of ways. It penetrates the roots of hair follicles and clears up the debris that is blocking the blood flow to the hair follicles. It restores blood supply and proper nutrition to the hair follicles, enhancing hair growth. Also maintains a healthy growth cycle, preventing abnormal loss of hair, split ends, uneven growth, lack of shine.

Key Ingredients: 
Indigofera, Eclipta, Cynodon leaf extracts with Extracts of Mango seed, coconut oil and coconut milk.

Stops hair fall and restores health of scalp – Helps in treating dandruff – Reduces Hair Fall and split ends – Moisturizes scalp and hair – prevents scalp infections and damages – prevents dryness and hair damage nourishes hair roots.

Direction for usage:
Apply on scalp and allow remaining for 30 minutes. Wash with more on Nutrient hair wash shampoo. Also can be used regularly for better results.