Medisynth Homeopathy Phytofit Oral Drops 60ml (30ml x 2)

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Benefits of Phytofit Oral Drops

Obesity is a condition when there abnormal proportion of fat in body as compared to the weight of the individual. Obesity is one of the major causative factor that harbors many diseased conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis etc. Medisynth's Phytofit is a dietician's answer to problems associated with weight management. Phytofit ® is a unique homoeopathic formula to fight obesity by enhancing the metabolic activity of the body thereby improving the absorption rate with optimal utilization of nutrients. Phytofit formula regulates metabolism through proper oxidation of adipose tissues, thereby, maintaining the correct balance between the food ingested and the weight gain. Phytofit is prescribed by physicians and dieticians, who believe in a safe, easy to administer and effective solution to gradual weight reduction. It is SAFE, with NO CHEMICALS, nor any SIDE EFFECTS neither any CONTRA INDICATIONS and can be administered concomitantly with any treatment. Phytofit will regulate the body's metabolism and improve the absorption rate, but it is advised to follow a nutritious diet and regular exercise for further weight loss, under a dietician or physician's supervision


Phytolacca 2x, fucus Vesiculosus 2x, Graphites 30, kali Carbonicum 30.


Adults: 30 Drops 4 times a day Children: Half the adult's dose Contraindications: None Known