Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye & Lip - 70ml

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Maybelline Make Up Remover -Eye And Lip :

 It is a boon to have water proof or smudge proof make-up, which can also last for a longer time. But the problem arises when one has to remove it, especially from the delicate and sensitive areas of eyes and lips. One should always use caution and care when using a product as crucial as eye and lip make-up remover. Maybelline has come up such a product that efficiently performs this task.

It comes in a formulation of two clearly visible liquids which are blue and white. Before use, the bottle has to be shaken well. Then just take some liquid on a cotton pad and leave it for a few second on the eye or the lips and then with a single swipe the make up easily comes off.

It doesn’t irritate or dries off the eyes or lips but the oily content of the liquid leaves them moisturized. It is conveniently packed in a tiny plastic bottle that is leak proof.