Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Polish - 5ml

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Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Polish:

Maybelline Color sensational Lip Polish is available in 15 shades known in number series such as Glam 1, Glam 2, Glam 3, Glam 4, Glam 5, Glam 6, Glam 7, Glam 9, Glam 12, Glam 13, Glam 14, Glam16, Pop 1, Pop 5, Pop 6.The colors are so varied that one can find a shade of her liking easily. The packaging of the lip polish with glass casing makes it possible to view colors and select accordingly.

Its three-part ingredients with color extracts, concentrated liquid balm and shine serum make Maybelline Color sensational Lip Polish a cut above the rest. The color extracts give lips a deep and strong color while the balm provides conditioning to the lips moisturizing it.

The serum lends a luscious look to the lips. So every time you apply it, you not only get fuller lips but your lips are also cared for. It also lends a soft feel to the lips.