Matrix Biolage Advanced Repairinside Repairing Conditioner -200ml

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Matrix Biolage Advanced Repairinside Repairing Conditioner :

Matrix Biolage Advanced Repairinside Repairing Conditioner, as the name implies, It repairs the hair from within. This conditioner nourishes dry, dull hair and damaged hair to restore moisture balance to the roots of your hair.

It renews softness and smoothness of the hair. Matrix is a name famous for hair care products and this deep conditioner from Matrix range not only nourishes but repairs too. It moisturizes the roots and every strand of the hair, leaving it glossy and soft. The hair becomes more manageable and dryness is gone.

As they say - hair gets repaired inside, restored outside. The hair looks shiny and free from all split ends. The conditioner locks in the moisture and protects it from the environmental damage and sun heat. Also, the hair gets damaged due to frequent styling and heating products used, but Matrix Biolage Conditioner takes corrective action and forms a protective layer around the hair. The harmful pollutants, damaging particles are not able to reach the hair and hair remains healthy. It looks like salon treated and in reality, it is the magic of this repairing conditioner.