Manne Quin's Vitamin E Skin Oil - 250ml

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ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Oil

The Skin Tonic

Vitamin E Skin Oil's ideal for Pregnant Women, Athletes, Gym Regulars, Swimmers, Models, anyone undergoing hormonal changes.

Apply daily and watch the healthy antioxidants in vitamin E Skin Oil nourish your skin from within. It also contains pure rich Almond Oil which is rich in fatty acids and helps boost the moisture levels in the skin-toning up the weary skin.

Benefits of ManneQuin's Vitamin E Skin Oil

  • Reduces stretch marks naturally.
  • Removes burn and surgery scars.
  • Removes wrinkles due to ageing, free radicals and improper skin
  • Moisturizes your skin making it firmer, elastic and resilient against tearing
  • Accelerates growth of new skin and replaces scar tissue