Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Massage Cream - 60g

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Lotus Herbals - WhiteGlow - Skin Whitening & Brightening Massage Cream

Polishes and tighten pores, refines skin texture.
Suitable for All Skin Types.

Why Lotus Whiteglow ?

Whiteglow Skin Whitening and brightening range is technologically advanced formulation that provides triple action on skin - Lightening, Whitening and brightening with the help of rare fruit and proven plant extracts that penetrate deep into the skin to provide enduring action. The result : your skin looks fairer, flawless and radiant.

It is free from harsh chemicals, that generally have side effects.

How It Works ?
Clinical trials show that the following plant extracts lighten Whiten and brighten the skin within 7 days of reqular use :

Grape Extract (Vitis Vinifera) : Exfoliator - helps active ingredients penetrate into the skin.
Mulberry Extract (Triter Penoids, Phenyl Flavones) : Tyrosinase inhibitor.
Milk Enzyme : Blocks Melanin Pathways
Saxifraga Extract (Epigallocatechin) : Free radiacl scavenger and tyrosinase inhibition.
Lotus Whiteglow skin whitening massage creme contains whitening actives that penetrates deep to lighten, whiten and brighten skin while refreshing, energizing, and moisturizing the skin.

It lightens skin's tone by reducing uneven pigmentation

It unveils visibly fairer skin by reducing dark spots

It enhances skin's radiance naturally

Why Massage Creme?
Whiteglow Skin Whitening Massage Creme will stimulate circulation, polish and tighten pores, refine skin texture, and leave skin feeling invigorated and luminous.

How to Use ?
After cleansing thoroughly with Whiteglow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam, apply whiteglow Massage Cream (around 10-15g) and gently massage oil over face, neck in circular motions. Reapply frequently, continue massage for around 10-15 miutes for best results. Remove cream (if any) with damp cotton.