Asta Berry - Kesar Facial Kit 440ml

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Asta Berry - Facial Kit - Kesar Facial Kit

Benefits of Asta Berry Kesar Facial Kit :

Facial care products are specifically designed for the perfection and rejuvenation of skin texture. Ayurvedic facial care products are formulated by bringing the intelligence and the wisdom of nature together to deeply restore the skin and transform it visibly. We blend the traditional ayurvedic formulations to produce effective skin care products. Each facial care product is formulated to promote perfect balance of your skin type and individual dosha. formulate the facial care products with purest and effective herbs that profoundly feed your skin type and stimulate the optimal skin immunity, address the signs of ageing and rebalance bothered complexions. 


At Astaberry, vigilantly hand-make products and also carry out ancient healing mantras while creating each formula so as to promote wellbeing, health and purity of intention. All facial care products are formulated by using 100% Minerals, Plants, Fruits, Flowers Roots and Herbs from the earth. All our products are non-invasive and non-harmful to living beings.