SBL Homeopathy Ferrumsip Syrup - 180ml

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SBL World Class Homeopathy - Ferrumsip Syrup

Iron Tonic

SBL Homeopathy Ferrumsip Iron Tonic

Ferrumsip improves the nutrient absorption process by directly enhancing the nutrient binding capacity of the cells, thereby relieving the signs and symptoms of Anaemia

Indications for use of SBL Ferrumsip Syrup:

Anaemic conditions during pregnancy & Lactation and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Dosage of SBL Homeopathy Ferrumsip Syrup :

1 teaspoonful, 3-4 times a day.

Composition of SBL Homoeopathy Ferrumsip Syrup :

Ferrum Phosphoricum : 3 x 5% w/v
Cinchona Officinalis : 3x 5% w/v
Kalium Phosphoricum : 3x 0.2% w/v
Ferrum Metallicum : 3x 1.66% w/v 
Natrum Phosphoricum : 1x 0.2% w/v
Alcohol : 10% v/v
Excipients and Preservatives Q.s in a syrup base.