Hamdard Joshina Herbal Cough & Cold Remedy - 100ml

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Hamdard Joshina Herbal Medicine

A natural remedy made from twelve essential herbs it is helpful in the prevention and treatment of common cold and cough. The all natural, non sedating formula helps provide relief from chest congestion, stuffiness of the nose and cough, without any side effects.

Directions for use of Hamdard Joshina Herbal Medicine

10ml of joshina mixed with 100 ml warm water, to be taken before breakfast and at bed-time In case of store throat and cough, the does is to be licked. For children. half or less does may be given according to age.

Composition of Hamdard Joshina Herbal Medicine

ALSO 62.22 mg.
Maghz Amaltas 125.92 mg.
Burge Bansa 62.22 mg.
Burge gawzaban 188.14 mg.
Dama Booti 25.18 mg.
Sate Podina 2.22 mg.
Roghan tulsi 2.88 mg.
Tukhm Khatmi 168.88 mg.
Rube Mulethi 313.70 mg.
Tukhm khubbazi 225.18 mg.
Sapisatan 200.00 mg.
Unnab 225.18 mg.
Naushadar Powder 111.11 mg.
Qand Safaid Q.S( to make 10 ml dose preservative(sodium Benzoate) 0.024 g.