Charak Pharma Kofol Lozenges - 48 Lozenges (2 x 24 Lozenges)

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Charak Pharma Kofol Lozenges

Nature's touch to relieve cough of varied etiology.

KOFOL is a versatile combination of medicinal plants, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Curcuma longa and Zingiber officinale are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Glycerrhiza glabra and Adhatoda vasica are mucolytic and expectorant. Ocimum sanctum has immunomodulator properties. Bibhitaki is known to have antitussive action.

Therefore, KOFOL is a first choice in the therapy of cough. KOFOL syrup is for productive cough and KOFOL chewable tablets for non-productive cough.

Benefits of using Charak Kofol Lozenges

  • Beneficial in productive and dry cough.
  • Reduces mucosal irritation(sore throat).
  • Provides relief from cough of varied etiology.
  • Indications for use of Charak Kofol Lozenges

  • Cough of allergic (pollutants / pollens / dust / occupational etc) or infective origin.
  • Cough associated with gastro-esophageal reflux.
  • Cough associated with bronchial asthma.
  • Key Ingredients of Charak Kofol Lozenges

  • Haridra, Shunthi – Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory
  • Yashtimadhu, Vasa – Mucolytic, expectorant
  • Tulsi – Immunomodulator
  • Bibhitaki – Antitussive.