Nestle Cerelac Stage 1 Shishu Aahaar Wheat-Rice Moong Dal Khichdi

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Nestle Cerelac Shishu Aahaar Wheat-Rice Moong Dhal Khichdi- Stage 1
Help support the immuno system
Smaller and easier to digest components

Cerelac is a complementary food for babies after 6 months when breast milk alone can no longer cover the baby’s growing nutritional requirements. It is free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Cereals & Pulses :

Cerelac Shishu Aahaar Provides the combined benefit of cereals and pulses are a good source of vegetarian proteins. Cereals and pulse complement each other and their combination is usally a part of traditional indian diet.

Cerelac Shishu Aahaar Wheat-Rice Moong Dal Khichdi :

Cerelac provides the combined benefit of rice, wheat and milk
Free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
Provides the goodness of cereals with 18 important nutrients
ALA (Omega 3 fatty acid) contributed
Iodine helps in normal development of brain and cognition
The Z line process in Cerelac breaks the carbohydrates into smaller and easier to digest components.
Each serve is nutrient dense and suitable for the baby's small tummy
Age group: 6 to 8 months.
Brain & Vision Nutrients :
Cerelac contains essential fatty acids (ALA and LA), Iodine and vitamin A. 
ALA (Omega 3 fatty acid) and LA (Omega 6 fatty acid) are the precursors of DHA and ARA. 
ALA (Omega 3 fatty acid) contributes to brain development
Iodine helps in normal development of brain and congnition.
Vitamin A Contributes to healthy vision

3 serves of cerelac provise approximately 75% of RDA of important immunonutrients like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin Immunonutrients help support the immune system.

Growth Nutrients 
Cerelac is energy dense and contains important growth nutrients like Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D.
Protein is important for healthy growth and development.
Calcium and Vitamin D help build healthy bones.

Feeding Instructions of Cerelac Stage 1 Baby Food :

Start with 1 level scoop of Cerelac mixed with 5-6 teaspoons of previously boiled warm water. Gradually increase quantities till your baby accepts a feed as indicated in the table below