Banjara's Methi Hair Care Powder - 100g

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Banjara's Methi Hair Care Powder

Provides moisture to the scalp and treats hair problems

Apply paste of Methi Powder over the scalp regularly before taking bath. This will help in rich growth of hair, while preserving its natural color and keeping it silky. Regular application of Methi paste on the face every night followed by washing with warm water will help premature appearance of wrinkles. Use of Methi paste improves the complexion while making one look younger.


Nourishes and conditions from the roots and reduces hair fall.

Benefits of Banjara's Methi Hair Care Powder

* Reduces hair problems
* Strengthens the hair
* Makes hair silky

Directions for use of Banjara's Methi Hair Care Powder



1 Mix Methi Powder with water to make a thin paste.


Apply the paste in suitable consistency on scalp and skin.


Allow the paste to remain on scalp and skin for one hour.


Rinse scalp thoroughly with water.

Banjara’s Methi Powder may be mixed with other ingredients for better results.