Baidyanath Meri Sakhi Syrup - 200ml

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Baidyanath Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup

(Formerly Sundarikalp Forte) - Ideal Herbal Tonic for Women - Forget your monthly tension

Every Month at the time of menstruation cycle every woman has to face health promblems.

Baidyanath Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup is an excellent herbal tonic to relieve the prolems related to menstruation and to maintain her stamina and vitality throughout the month.

Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup - can continued to be taken after relief from menstrual problems purely as a herbal tonic to maintain vitality and stamina throughout the month. Scanty Bleeding During Menstruation - Due to scanty bleeding during menstruation women faces the problems like - heaviness in stomach, burning sensation in eyes & in hands and in legs. In such cases it is advisable to take Baidyanath Rajpravartini Bati ( 1-1 tablet twice daily with water) along with Baidyanath Sundari Sakhi Syrup.

Leucorrhoea (Pradar) - Leucorrhoea is a common problem amongs women. There are two types of Pradar. Shwetpradar (Whitish viscid discharge from Vagina) and Raktapradar (Reddish discharge from Vagina). Due to this discharge problems likes backache fatigue, itching and inflammation in Vaginal area ocuur. In such condition it is advisable to take Baidyanath Sundari Sakhi Syrup along with Baidyanath Pradarantak Tablet.

Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Tablet - One tablet daily after meal gives extra strength and removes weakness caused due to pain and bleeding during the menstruation. It should be taken immediately after the 5th day of the period

Indications for use of Baidyanath Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup

An exclusive ayurvedic formula for women, formulated keeping in view their needs. Relieves the problems of those difficult days like weakness, backache, pain, fatigue ect.
Restores hormonal functioning of the system, Relieves headache, abdominal pain irritation, lassitude and dizziness. Improves digestion.
Purifies blood, tones up skin, builds up strength & stamina & keeps women healthy and active throughthe month.

Composition (Each 15ml Baidyanath Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup contains)

Anant Mool - 375 mg
Kharethi Panchang - 375 mg Apamarg Panchang - 375 mg
Manjith - 375 mg
Kapas jad - 375 mg
Ashoka chhal - 750 mg
Lodhra chhal - 750 mg Amltas - 300 mg
Gokhru - 300 mg
Gajar Beej - 225 mg
Shivlingi - 225 mg
Daruhaldi - 115 mg
Muli beej - 115 mg
Soya Phool - 115 mg
Ajmoda - 115 mg
Dhaiphool - 115 mg
Gulab phool - 75 mg
Palash pushpa - 75 mg
Kalonji - 45 mg
Ulat Kambal - 45 mg
Nagarmotha - 75 mg
Punarnava - 225 mg
Asgandha - 150 mg
Caramel Colour Q.S
Methyl Paraben - 45 mg
Propyl Paraben - 22 mg
Flavoured Syrup Base Q.S.

Dosage of Baidyanath Meri (Sundari) Sakhi Syrup

15ml twice a day with water along with Sundari Sakhi Tablet (1 Tablet twice daily with water). Non-alcoholic, totally safe.