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Ayulabs Bonfit Capsules

Excellent source of natural calcium with guggul
Safe with anabolic action

Bonfit Capsule is safe with anabolic action. Bonfit potentiates early callous formation and promotes calcification. Bonfit provides natural calcium with effective absorption. Bonfit is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, promotes osteogenes; helps development of muscles, blood and increases metabolism. Bonfit has proved to be very effective in healing of fractures, post menopausal osteoporosis and also in gluco-corticoid induced osteoporosis (G.l.O.). Bonfit is effective in Osteomalacia, Rheumatoid arthritis and as supportive treatment in bone T.B. and Rickets. The unique feature of Bonfit is that it has spirulina the details are given against it.

lndication for use of Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule

Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, fractures, Gluco-corticoid induced osteoporosis, Low back pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Bone T.B.

Composition of Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule

Each 500 mg. Bonfit Capsule contains:

Abha Guggul : 120 mg
It reunites fractured bones. lt is analgesic and anti inflammatory.

Laxadi guggul :120 mg
Laxadi guggul makes bone and body stronger and is useful in injury and fracture. lt is useful in rheumatoid arthritis.

Madhumalinivasant : 60 mg
It improves appetite, hormone secretion, and digestion in all age patients. lt is drug of choice in rickets and osteoporosis of menopausal women.

Kishore guggul : 50 mg
Useful in all types of arthritic pain, drug of choice in wound healing and used in osteoporosis. It is good for digestion and anaemia.

Kukutandatwak bhasma : 50 mg
This is useful in calcium deficiency as such it is used in osteoporosis. lt is used to correct hormonal imbalance in post menopausal osteoporosis in women. This is also useful in leucorrhoea, due to calcium deficiency. lt improves elasticity of arterioles and corrects anaemia.

Shankha Bhasma : 30 mg
This provides abundant calcium in natural form. lt increases osteogenesis and is used in osteoporosis. ls useful in acidity also.

Ashthishrinkhala or Harjora (Cissus quadrangularis) : 20mg
Powdered roots are useful specially in fractures with the same effect as external Plaster.

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) : 20 mg
Arjuna contains as much as 25% of calcium which helps in calcification of fractured bones. It contains phytosterol which help in rejoining of fracture and astringent action of arjuna potentiates it.

Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) : 20 mg
Spirulina improves the calcium content of bones and helps in callous formation because of phosphorus and essential amino acids; besides it contains antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene , zinc, Vitamin A, E and selenium. lt is a good source of (GLA) Gamma Linolenic Acid and natural elemental iron in addition to vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which delay sign of ageing./p>

Pushpadhanva Ras : 10 mg
This is used in Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia and in other weakness of bones specially the bones of pelvis which effect walking. lt is acting like a stimulant for all vital organs of body.

Dosage of Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule

One to two capsules a day after meals or as suggested by physician.