Axe Brand Red Flower Oil - 35ml

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Axe Brand Red Flower Oil

Axe Brand Red Flower Oil consists of a combination of ingredients specially formulated for the relief of rheumatic and muscular pain. The red oil also brings relief to aching ligaments, muscles and joints caused by injury or over use, sprains and stiffness following exercise or sports. When applied to the affected area, the specially penetrating and stimulating ingredients reach deep down to assist/aid circulation, spread soothing warmth and help ease the pain.

Usage of Axe Brand Red Flower Oil

Lumbago, Insect Bites and Stings, Cuts and Bruises, Rheumatic Pain, Skin Diseases, Itching

Direction for use of Axe Brand Red Flower Oil

For External use only
Apply directly and massage gently to areas affected by pain.
For sprains and bruises, apply to cotton pad and bandage it on the affected area. Do not bandage tightly.
Do not use on open wounds, other than as directed.
Avoid contact with your eyes or mucous membranes.

Ingredients of Axe Brand Red Flower Oil

Cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon oil, citronella oil, turpentine oil, capsicum oleoresin, sanguis draconis, methyl salicylate.