AVP Hair & Herbal Hibiscus Shampoo - 200ml (2 x 100ml)

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AVP Hair & Herbal Hibiscus Shampoo

For Smooth and Shiny Hair

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, a traditional hair nourisher is scientifically and precisely blended to form the Hair and Herbal Shampoo. Hibiscus makes the shampoo soft and gentle to the scalp and hair. Your hair gets a natural conditioning and lustre with a cooling effect on the scalp. Enjoy your bath every time with Hair and Herbal with a fragrance of Lavender.

Ingredients of Hair and Herbal Hibiscus Shampoo

Each 5ml is prepared out of :


  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Japa)- 0.250g
  • Sodium lauryl Ether Sulphate - 0.500g
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate - 0.400g
  • Perfume Floral (Lavandula angustifoila)- 0.050g
  • Colour (Brilliant Blue) - 0.002g
  • Water - Q.S