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Violence in Teenagers
Could Our Aggressing Adolescents Be A Logical Development Of Our Gawky Adults?

By Dr. S Selvakumaran, Erode.

I've been compelled into mailing this in the wake of the recent upsurge of aberrant behavior among school going adolescents. This could well be yet another import from the west.

* Nuns beaten up at Ahmedabad (29 Aug 2001). 
* Dalit woman paraded naked at Bellary (28 Aug 2001). 
* School boys indulge in organized burglary at Thanjavur (24 Aug 2001).             

From petty teasing and bullying, this population has metamorphosed into committing organized culpable offenses, either alone or in a mob. Ranging from rape to homicide. Dacoity and burglary are recent additions to this list. 
These offenders however only represent the tip of the iceberg and more nefarious activities of sinister proportions would only explode when they had gathered enough momentum. It is high time we set aside the supposed biological determinants responsible for their aggression and for a while think from out-of-the-box, for a remedy.
Could it be their inspiration from the present day heroes and villains of the silver and the small screen, who are seemingly glorifying anti-social means of living, although one claims it as a mean of achieving good ends and the other vice-versa respectively?
Could it be their self-imposed feelings of alienation having resulted from their inability to strike a chord with the impenetrable pressure thrust upon their shoulders by their so called well-wishers to continuously perform, achieve and excel in as many disciplines as possible, but in the absence of their most needed intellectual, emotional and financial pre-requisites and strong social support system from families, teachers, peers and other members of their society??
Could it be their amputated spirit's retaliation at the discredited society, whose members in the name of tradition and discipline had meted out punishments disproportionately and beyond relevance, but, never smiled at them during moments of fear, never held them in their arms at times of sadness and dejection, never patted at their backs when their going was good and great. . . . and never accoladed them when success and excellence were emulated???
Could they be contagious echoes, reflections or meager attitudinal extensions of our own incomplete, stubborn, selfish, feudalistic, non-puritan, perverted and morally deteriorated selves, that which has nearly ceased to be grateful, that which has forgotten the art of giving and receiving love and the ability of being in blissful contentment whilst simultaneously pursuing growth, that which is over-flowing with greed, lust, deceit and intrigue, that which has lost it's self-esteem to arrogance,  it's capacity for healthy competition to cut-throat rivalry and it's brain to brawn and that which has got rid of the very essence of life namely values and virtues????
The compendious moral is that, virtues are seen as weaknesses and vice-versa in the present era, we do not dare any-longer to be our own selves, we seldom get to listen to our conscience, we have failed to grasp the law of nature that it does not give in to our wants whilst generously offering all our needs and that in our process of apparently winning every battle of life we have lost everything that life was worth living for and that in the pursuit of perfection and excellence we have ceased to remain human and that we may not qualify to serve as ideal mentors or role-models for our erring adolescents to evolve into stronger, fuller and better people, until such time we all turned into greener leaves and formed a truly healthy society. Are we going to permit a renaissance in the direction of resurrection of compassionate human-beings, if not mahatmas or are we still going to firmly hold on to our grounds of the present losing side?
I conclude with a very touching and a popular statement that had been linked to the living legend and Noble-Laureate 'Nash Jr', who had been fighting schizophrenia with the sole help of his wife, on his way to the Noble-Prize in Maths. . . . . . . and it goes as "It is only in the mysterious and magical equations of love that any logical reasons to life and all its problems may be found".

The above is from a series of "Letters to the Editor" by
Dr. S. Selvakumaran
Erode, TN, India 638 003.
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