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Scholars   Amongst   Doctors   Scarce 

DOCTORATE  ?  /  DOCTOR  ?........was  one  who  indulged  in life - long  learning  &  acquiring  of  skills,  without  compromising  on  morals,  values  &  ethics  even  for  a  fraction  of  a  moment,  whilst  performing. 

Until the 19th century, Islamic medicine & Arabic medical texts were studied as part of a physician's curriculum in the Occident. That's because Arabic physicians were among the best in the ancient world. Doctors were highly respected in the Muslim world, so much so that sages as well as physicians were accorded the term, "hakim" & most ancient Arabic doctors were in fact physicians as well as philosophers. Muslim scholars too often wrote poems about medical subjects. 

Al-Hayatham, known in Latin as Alhazen, wrote books on medicine, mathematics, physics & astronomy. He wrote commentaries on the works of Aristotle & Galen, also did original experiments with light, coming up with some of the first accounts of refraction, a mathematical method to find the focal point of a concave mirror & a refutation of the Greek theory that vision worked because the eye sent out rays to the object that was observed. Al-Hayatham's work had a major impact on the Europeans Roger Bacon & Johannes Kepler. 

Al-Razi was an alchemist for a large part of his life & only became a medical professional later in life when his eyesight began to fail. His observations were nonetheless extremely astute. He was one of the greatest clinical & observational physicians in the Arabic world. He kept detailed case studies in which he recorded his analyses, prognoses, observations of disease symptoms, treatments & cures. He was also well versed in anatomy & in the treatment of shock. For centuries, the Continens or the Kitab Al-Hawi, written by Al-Razi was studied avidly in the western world. In fact, for many centuries, Occidental doctors held Al-Razi in higher esteem than they did Hippocrates & Galen. 

For a fear of repetition, accounts about such scholared doctors of the Occidental world have been avoided here & needless to say, they were a plenty too at those times. 

Moving ahead to the present era, doctors were no doubt wealthy in terms of movable & immovable physical assets, yet, when it came to the number of scholars amongst them, it was an apparent scarcity. 

Why ???  The reasons could be any & many, ranging from the individual to the highest point in the community / society, yet, the most important of these would be scripted here.    

" I  don't  want  India  to  be  an  economic  super  power. I  want  India  to  be  a  happy  country "......J R D Tata. 

It was wisdom to comprehend, that education & life long learning served the sole purpose of making good & happy human beings that raced to serve the needy & that other benefits that obviously & automatically ensued were only to be seen as by-products. Gradually, the sole purpose must have been lost & by-products must have begun to drive people. Doctors were no exception here & they became doctors not for becoming good doctors but for grabbing the super power of money, which in turn fetched them the kind of all other powers that they only had to name. Their need therefore to become all-round scholars found it's grave. Thus, what was once-upon-a-time value education, amoebiated into value of education.  " What my education
would buy me ? "  became the hottest-priority. 

Crass commercialization of education / essential services gave birth to the medical industry / corporate mafia / medical mafia & after all scholared  doctors  were  never   an  asset  to  it's  smooth  functioning. 

" Being scholarly was of
what use, when I can still make loads of money, without
being one ? "  further dissuaded the newer generation of doctors. 

" There  were  only  two  role  models  in  the  whole of  the  Universe,  of  which  one  was  already  dead
&  gone  &  the  other  was  yet  to  be  born ".........A Very  Popular  Maxim. 

Dearth of role models paved way for the sick society. We needed more & more of the likes of Gandhiji, Kalam, Tata, Jaggi Vasudev, Kiran Bedi, etc & etc, but, sick societies seldom manufactured scholars & scholars were needed to run societies & Governments. 

" The  critical  question  facing  humanity   today  is  what  sort  of  global  civilisation  should  we  have ?  Will  it  be  dominated  by  shallow  materialism ?  Is  it  possible  to  create  a  world  in  which  material  and  scientific  developments  are  governed  by  ethical  and  spiritual  principles  that  promote  the  prosperity of  all  people  and  everywhere ? "....A N Roy,  New Delhi  (The  Hindu).   

referred  to  dr t v padma  (the hindu). 

fenix k ravichandran, social activist, erode ( tn ) 638 003, india, 

mr kumar srinivas, social activist, kolathur, chennai ( tn )
600 099, india, 

er senthil kumar, president, peakpoint technologies,
burlington ( ma ) 01803, usa / tyngsboro ( ma ) 01879, usa, 

er a rajakumar, aeronautical / software engineer, east
lansing ( mi ) 48823, usa       & 

dr s selvakumaran, psychiatrist, erode ( tn ) 638 003, india.


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