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I, 'dog-tr.twenty first century phantom' made my master a slave of the drug - cartels ???


  • Fenix K. Ravichandran, Social Activist, Erode ( tn ) 638 003, India,
  • Mr. Kumar Srinivas, Social Activist, Kolathur, Chennai ( tn ) 600 099, India,
  • Er Senthil Kumar, President, Peakpoint Technologies, Burlington ( ma ) 01803, USA / tyngsboro ( ma ) 01879, USA.
  • Er a Rajakumar, Aeronautical / Software Engineer, East Lansing ( mi ) 48823, USA.
  • Dr. S.Selvakumaran, Psychiatrist, Erode ( tn ) 638 003, India.

 I'm  a  medical doctor  that  was  suffering  from  multiple personality  disorder  in  the  past  &  thanks to the team of psychiatrists that brought about a complete-fusion of all the alter-egos  that  I  had  then  sported,  one  of  them  being 'dog-tr twenty first century phantom'  that  terrorized  the drug - cartels with it's  nefarious & criminal pursuits  &  yet camouflaged  the  scenario  in  totality  in order to present me  as  an  innocent  slave  of  the  drug - cartels  on  the contrary.  Please read on for an autobiographical account of 'dog-tr twenty first century phantom' , the  narration being  in  the  first-person  format  of  my  then  alter - ego, for  which  I  cannot  be  held  liable,  guilty  &  punishable. 

" As a doctor how do you relate with your mother, namely, the drug - manufacturers ?   it is the most basic of all  your - relationships in your  noble - profession  because if not for them you shall have no medicines to treat your  sick - clientele  &  therefore no clients, no money, no luxury, no fame & no life eventually. i did not know how to love my mother. i dragged her into being a part & parcel of all my whims & fancies & in return having learnt all my weaknesses, she began to tease & tempt me with her wide variety of delicious bones,  metamorphosed  ultimately  into  the  drug - cartels  & victimized the innocent sections of the society with unaffordable pricing of the life - saving essential medicines that they made " dog-tr. twenty first century phantom

 The  inherent  knowledge  of  my  master  that  drug - companies  could  be  exploited  in  order  to meet a wide range  of  personal - needs  is  the  reason that I was born. I knew my master from the very time of my birth, yet, my master had no knowledge as to who I was & therefore had no control over my instincts & the pursuits that followed it. Although I shared the human anatomy & physiology of my master, I need to honestly admit about a part in me that is very bestial in it's quality - I'd fight, bite & tear apart dogs whenever bones were thrown on the streets - I'm a living & moving testimony of  Dr.Charles Robert Darwin's Theory  of  Evolution by the process of  Natural  Selection that spoke about the Survival of the Fittest. It thus became an undisputed fact that no dog on earth would ever beat me & that I'd bite & tear every dog that confronted me. I'm a part & parcel of the  21st  century. I'm real, yet a ghost too. I therefore baptized myselves as 'dog-tear twenty first century phantom' &  it evolved over the passage of time into 'dog-tr twenty first century phantom'   &  it is a matter  of  sheer  coincidence  that 'doctor'  & 'dog-tr' were more or less phonetically similar.

I shall  also  boast  of  a  few  more  of  the  following  monumental  achievements  of  mine  until  the  time I  was  eventually  tracked  down  &  deactivated  by an  eminent  group  of  psychiatrists -

1) The very smell of personnel from the drug - companies should be enough to de-hibernate me, for that is the way my master has been pre-conditioned by the milieu. Their words of flatulent-flattery about my master coupled with petty good-for-nothing / use-and-throw out compliments & gifts shall be just more than enough for me to be able to deliver all my knock-out punches at full-throttle. I'd first make  all-out  efforts  to  get  unduly  friendly  with  them using  my  charm  &  up-dated  techniques  of  persuasion & believe me, my success-rates have always been  >100% at such endeavours. I'd then rope them into providing me
with  several-times  more  than  my  assigned-quota  of physician's samples, none of which were legally saleable, yet, I'd sell them all to the gullible & naive clientele of my benevolent - creator. I'd promise the  swooned-personnel  of  the  drug - companies  that  were  mesmerized  by me with hiked-up sales of their medicines through the letter-heads of my master creator, yet, I may or may not live up to my promises. I choose  &  I dictate.

2) Upon  those  few  instances  of  having  kept-up  my promises, I strengthen my ties with those of the drug - companies that had gained by leaps & bounds. Higher level officials of such drug - companies visit me more & more too often & we further our ties much to our mutual growth  &  to the detriment of our society.  I  take cuts & commissions  against  the  sale  of  medicines that have
been  helped  by  my  master & also  gradually  learn to further   exploit   my   relationship   with   such   drug - companies by making more & more taller promises. In the  bargain,  I demand  the  following  over a gradual period of time from such drug - companies depending upon how the dynamics worked in the midst of us -

a) I bundle huge quantities of physician's non-saleable samples & keep selling them on a regular-basis.

b) I demand physician's non-saleable samples for the use of my master & family whenever they fell ill & or demand a reimbursement for the money spent on
medicines to begin with & further later on for the entire cost of the treatment availed that which could include the cost of investigations, hospitalizations, treatment procedures & etc.

c) I demand payment of rents, telephone-bills, electricity-bills, travel & accomodation expenses, etc & etc of those of my master & family. Since the nature of this list is exhaustive, I have attempted to keep it short & crisp,  yet,  let  me  not  forget  those  few  of  my contemporaries that even demand toilet-effects like mugs & buckets on behalf of their respective masters.

d) I demand costly gifts which may include anything between an antique wall-hanger or an ancient clock to a state-of-the-art music system or a home-theatre facility or a car. Name any inanimate object on earth that'd amuse my master & I shall set my eyes on it.

e) I demand a 100% all-paid package to attend meetings, seminars, conferences & continuing medical education programmes both  in-land  &  over-seas  &  when my master  with  or  without  family  is  at  the  desired destination I tempt the poor soul more often than not to indulge in all sorts of mostly pre-paid non-academic pursuits & at the end of such academic-sessions would also compel my master to collect a certificate of 100% attendance of all academic-activities that were slated during such programmes. My job is to always entice my master.

I demand a 100% all-paid holiday package to exotic locations / sea-cruises that are mostly over-seas for my master with or without family & before embarking I'd entice the soul to organize a false-declaration across the media about having been invited by some reputed organization / university / professional body from over-seas  to  deliver  lectures / present  papers,  receive honours, etc & etc. I also never fail to entice my creator about also having to organize a false-felicitation across the same media of having done or achieved something great  in  the  world  of  medical  academics  over-seas, that'd be just & rightly published around the day of my master returning back to the country. I gradually perfect myselves in my art of enticing my master.

All work & no play shall make my master a dullard. After all can there be any life for my master without booze & sex ?  I chip in therefore  &  demand  pre-paid combos that'd include holidaying  to  exotic  locations,  company for  personal  entertainment / amusement  &  bottomless bottles  of  a  wide  variety  of  booze  for  my  master. In comparison to the line of fire of a  45 - year old woman that had abducted & repeatedly molested a  15 - year old boy in Mumbai-India, recently, my master is very naive & too innocent for words. I mature as a seasoned enticer.

I'm capable of a lot more & I shall keep pace with the speed of technology & all the needs that it'd create for my master who is now entirely dependent on me.

i) I thus made my master a slave of the drug - companies & they began to gradually feed all my master's needs.

3) Sooner or later, I found company amongst those of my own ilk  &  we grouped ourselves to form bigger & larger bodies  in  order  to  serve  the  collective interests of our respective  masters. We became national, international & pervasively global.  By then the  drug - companies  had
metamorphosed  into  drug - cartels  &  they  began  to make way for us by easing our jobs. They volunteered to fund  a  wide  range  of  so-called  academic / research activities  of our  masters. They were over-whelmingly
willing to satiate all our appetites in order to please & stay  in  the  good-books  of  our  masters.  All  that  they wanted in return from us was as simple & as complicated - they  wanted  us to ensure that our  masters  gave a clean-chit to all their newer molecules. They wanted our masters to invent newer diseases & create an artificial demand for the supplies that they had already stocked in plenty. They ultimately  won.  Several  useless  &  good-for-nothing molecules eventually got to be passed-on as wonderful & phenomenal molecules, thanks to our masters.

At last, as usual & ever the good triumphed over the evil in the case of my sick-master, thanks to a team of vigilant psychiatrists. They spotted me within my master & made my master aware of the same. I'm no longer active & how I  wished  &  prayed  that  my  master  kept  me  that  way forever. twenty first century phantom.

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" live life with totality, with intensity, with awareness, with gratitude
   to existence  &  life itself will take you to the innermost shrine of
   the ultimate ".......excerpted from  'the last testament'
   by osho

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