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Could Doctors Ever Be Gods Again?!  (Part  2)

By Dr. S Selvakumaran, Erode.
The definition of "Happiness" has metamorphosed with time. Happiness is no longer getting what one miserably and desperately wanted. On the contrary,it has come to be universally accepted that happiness is a unique virtue / gift / art of wanting what one has already got. Thus it is automatically implied that greed is never a mode of achieving happiness, whilst simultaneously also implying that "Contentment and Gratitude" are definite and certain modes of achieving the same commodity.

"Unhappy? Go to Nigeria ".......The Hindu, October 03, 2003. An analysis of levels of happiness in more than 65 countries by the World Values Survey had revealed that Nigeria had the highest % of happy people.New Zealand, USA, Australia & UK had ranked 15th, 16th, 20th and 24th respectively in the said survey. Personal success, self-expression, pride and a high sense of self-esteem were considered as important in the USA whereas fulfilling the expectations of your family, meeting your social responsibilities, self-discipline, co-operation and friendliness have been considered as very important by the people of Japan. If carefully analysed one could easily appreciate Gandhian philosophies being expressed in a subtle form as a remedial measure for greed and unhappiness.

"Gandhian philosophy more relevant today "
.......The Hindu, October 03, 2003. Non-violence, vegetarianism, positive-thinking, selflessness, naturopathy, village health care, holistic health care have all become very relevant today because people in large numbers have come to realize that the present sick-society had resulted merely on account of their having ignored Gandhian philosophies. In comparison with the rest of the population, incidence of suicide, aggression and covert violence are believed to be very high in the population of doctors and this may be easily attributed to their negative qualities of greed and discontentment. If doctors should fail to acknowledge this bitter truth, here and now, they are bound to be walloped by the sheer force of the public, that which is gathering momentum with every passing second. The following are a few indications of this seemingly inactive volcano.......

The healing touch / Hippocrates' Oath
- The Hindu, September 28, 2003.
Doctors ask MCI to deregister Dr Togadia
- The Hindu, September 28, 2003.
States form societies of local people to monitor healthcare delivery
- The Hindu, September 29, 2003.
Private medical establishments urged to reach out to the needy
- The Hindu, September 29, 2003.
Supreme Court directive to the MCI on delinquent doctors
- The Hindu, October 04, 2003.

It shall never be an over-rated statement to call doctors as jugglers in this state-of-the-art circus tent popularly known as the society, where-in their success shall largely be based on how skillfully and meticulously their act of balancing were being performed. 
The state of nirvana has taken on a new dimension with respect to the doctors in which they need to begin their search of the golden middle-path in order to attain that state of perfect and optimal balance. Doctors are required to realize that their professions should not be abused to quench their insatiable greed for everything on earth. They need to be constantly reminded that they are believed to be Gods in a metaphorical sense by their respective societies.

Human rights issues have cropped up at every nook and corner of the globe. As much as fundamentalists are terrorizing the world, individuals and groups have been offering equal resistance with varying degrees of success. This had clearly implied that people all over have begun to think for themselves and their corresponding groups. Needless to say, some of them have also resorted to terrorism in order to fight terrorism. Here are a few examples.......

Man jailed for honour killing - The Hindu, October 01, 2003.
A time to marry in China - The Hindu, October 03, 2003 in appreciation of China having eliminated a much-resented requirement for couples to obtain their bosses' approval before tying the nuptial knot.
Rocking the audience, with a suicide? - The Hindu, October 01, 2003 about raising awareness on "right-to-die" issues. "If you can die for your country, why can't you die for yourself?" asks Tourtelot ( 33 ), the concert organizer-cum-player.

It is once again emphasized here that doctors too have directly and indirectly contributed to acts of vandalism and terrorism across the globe on account of their greed and misconduct. Doctors have thus sadly been both perpetrators & victims of terrorism across the globe.I could gather a lot of this expertise from my first-hand experience of having organized an "Anti-terrorism Campaign" at Dubai with the help of NRI Society of Dubai.

The male brain usually secreted less of the primary-bonding chemical oxytocin and less of the calming chemical serotonin. Hence it was believed that males were less aesthetic, more anti-social and more aggressive compared to their female counter-parts. The present however is a witness to an ever increasing range of atrocities committed be female terrorists and lady doctors all over. This needs a better neuro-molecular, neuro-chemical and a neuro-biological explanation besides the currently available theories of learning.

"The so-called delinquent range of doctors do not merely stop with unethical marketing. They fleece their patient clientele, they indulge themselves in all possible acts of unethical omissions and commissions, they seduce their clientele into acts of sexual adventurism and they do not hesitate to indulge in rape when resistance is offered, they pursue treatment upon their dead clients for obvious reasons, they indulge in acts of terrorism and so on and so forth. They are thus a slur upon the major rest of the law-abiding community of doctors" claimed scores of doctors and representatives of people who had been maintaining silence in order to avoid negative publicity and adverse consequences. People now are slowly evolving to fight for their Divine animal rights and MCI could be facing a very challenging responsibility any time from now.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity.It comes from an indomitable will to fight for the right thing" believed the Mahatma. Likewise," our magnetism and ability to attract good things shall always be at its peak only and as long as we believed in it" claimed the majority doctors that were proponents of character and integrity besides their immense faith that some day doctors shall once again be respected as GODS by the folks of their society.

The above is from a recent "Letters to the Editor" by
Dr. S. Selvakumaran
Erode, TN, India 638 003.

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