Aroma Magic Lemon Oil 20ml

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Aroma Magic Lemon Oil

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Benefits of Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil

Water Purifier.
Anti Septic and Astringent.
Relieves insect Bites and Wounds.
Eases Tension and Headaches.

Scientific Name:Citrus Limon.

Aromamagic Lemon Oil Uses :

Athlete's foot, chiliblains, colds, corns, dull skin, flu, oily skin, spots, varicose veins, warts.

Aromatic Description of Lemon Oil

Aroma is similar to fresh lemon rinds except richer and more concentratedt.

A refreshing light oil. Classic remedy for sore throats - gargle add 2% to warm water. Excellent antiseptic - dab neat on insect bites and stings. To stop bleeding dab on small cuts in a 2% solution in boiled water. Use neat on warm and verrucas.