Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil 20ml

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Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Benefits of Aroma Magic Jasmine Oil

Eases Anxiety, Depression and Nerveous chills.
Builds Confidence and enhances skin elasticity.

Botanical Name:Jasminum grandiflorum.
Common Method of Extraction:Solvent Extracted
Strength of Initial Aroma:

Aromamagic Jasmine Oil Uses :

Depression, dry skin, exhaustion, labour pains, sensitive skin.

Aromatic Description of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Oil is Warm, floral, exotic. It is used for Nervous tension, depression, menstrual problems, laryngitis, anxiety, lethargy, as a relaxant.

One of the most exquisite scents, said to be the king of oils. Especially good as a uterine tonic and or relieving all kinds of pain of the female reproductive system. Excellent anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and strong sensual stimulant.